Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fighting Islamic terrorism successfully

Islamic ideology enjoys worldwide support. Much of this ideology is at the root cause of open warfare today. An example is the Islamic justification of warfare against ‘occupation’ of Muslim land. This is most easily recognized in the ‘occupation’ of Muslim land that the entire state of Israel exists upon. In most cases, worldwide support is just ideological support, not direct support in the form of money and/or weapons, manpower. This problem has been and is growing.

Islam is the fastest growing ‘religion’. International Islamic terrorism has been growing for many decades now, and is continuing to grow. A primary reason that the U.S. has not been hit since 9/11 has been the routing of international terrorist resources into Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the U.S. ‘occupation’. Now that these conflicts are slowing down, Islamic terrorist resources will become available to use elsewhere. The war will grow larger in scope and will resume in old hot spots and expand into new areas unless we wage offensive warfare to end state sponsorship.

State sponsorship of terrorism must end. Governments supporting terrorist organizations must be toppled before nuclear weapons are successfully deployed. In other words, open warfare must be initiated against Syria and Iran. The government of Pakistan must be watched closely. If Islamic ideology takes over, Pakistan must be invaded and the nuclear weapons eliminated. If we do not do this, this war will become much larger than it has ever been.

Time is NOT on our side. Sooner or later an Islamic terrorist organization will obtain and deploy weapons of mass destruction. Massive conventional warfare is preferred over nuclear warfare simply for the reason of containment of destruction and loss of life. The negative long-term worldwide ecological impact of nuclear radiation is another reason to favor conventional warfare. The source of an Islamic terrorist nuclear weapon (Or other WMD) is most likely a nation-state that has supplied the materials and knowledge. The only way to prevent this exchange is to eliminate the nation-states that share ideology with the Islamic terrorists. Syria and Iran are the most obvious.

What is not so obvious is where the covert support is originating. This is one of the fundamental problems with dealing with terrorism. Who is backing them? The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq has served to not only force our enemy to commit resources into these countries to fight our ‘occupation’, but has also served to expose some of those who support them. The link between North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Libya and Syria concerning the nuclear scientist from Pakistan was exposed. This is a priceless asset. In addition, many Muslims and Imams throughout the world openly supported the fight against ‘occupation’ which is one of the fundamental principals our enemy believes in. In other words, by waging offensive warfare we are forcing our covert enemies out into the open. Seeing as this is one of the basic problems in fighting terrorism in the first place, it only stands to reason that we should continue this strategy. In any case, the behaviors of Syria and Iran must change prior to the war against Islamic terrorism ending in our favor. As history has demonstrated, these governments will NOT change their behavior unless forced to do so. I doubt that anything short of violent force will obtain this objective.

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  1. nuke the middle east
    turn it all into glass
    only good muslim is a dead one