Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The U.S. launched a raid into Syria on Monday, claiming to have killed an important ‘terrorist’ organizer. The U.S. has attacked targets within Pakistan and Syria, violating both countries territory. The Pakistani government had given unofficial support to the idea. I am certain that Syria has NOT given any support for anything of the kind.

Senator Barack Obama would most likely end this type of activity. From what he has said, only if Bin Lauden himself were identified would he seriously consider launching raids of this type. Like JFK, I am certain that he would attempt to respect international boundaries. Even if raids were being launched from land that is in another country. This is one of the reasons why Vietnam was considered to be a war that could not be won. I am guessing that this is one reason as to why Senator Obama believes that this war cannot be won by our military and contributes to his list of reasons as to why he believes that it is best to withdraw from Iraq.

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