Wednesday, October 22, 2008

President Obama and JFK

Senator Joe Biden recently said that President Obama would be tested within 6 months of his taking office by a "generated" crisis. I agree that either candidate WILL be tested. However, I believe that it will take at least two years before we see a "generated" crisis that will be as powerful as I fear. More likely 2-3 years before the really serious crisis hits. Senator Obama has been compared to JFK. In a number of ways, these are accurate. I just hope that in the case of a nuclear crisis, this is NOT the case. The Soviet Union turned their ships around and avoided the war. I find it very difficult to believe that our current enemies would do anything similar.

Every Presidency is filled with ‘crisis’. They vary greatly in severity and size. I believe that a President Obama will not respond forcefully enough when presented with any warlike ‘crisis’ early in his administration. Wars are won by the side that escalates to a level the other side either can not or will not match. This will lead to a much more serious crisis, as I believe it did with JFK and the Cuban missile crisis.

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  1. I personally think Obama is much closer to Raila Odinga than JFK.