Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Muslim insult

Not long after the fall of the Taliban, a western magazine news crew interviewed an anti-Taliban ‘general’. The problem was that the interviewer would be a woman. She first had to agree to dress and behave in a certain way. A list of things she had to do to avoid potential embarrassment was drawn up. I have not seen the list, but it was agreed that she would abide by all of the rules in the list. I understand the list was lengthy, but only a few of them were of real concern. Because these issues were so important, I am certain that she practiced.

During the interview he said something funny and the interviewer and the cameraman laughed. He stormed out; a woman laughing had insulted him. From what I understand, a woman laughing in this situation was not on the list that she had been provided. Apparently it had been missed.

I am not so certain that our enemy has been defeated in Iraq. This is one contributing reason as to why.

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