Monday, October 13, 2008

Stoning to death

During the summer of 2006, riots ensued in Nigeria because the court would not enforce the sentence upon a woman who had been convicted of adultery. Islamic law on this issue is not only clear, it has generally been enforced for 1400 years. Nigeria is approximately 50% Muslim. A sizable portion of Nigeria is under sharia law. This in effect makes that part of the country a different country in everything but name.

The entire concept of stoning ANYONE to death has to end. And it must end NOW. It is obvious that this will trigger violence. Combined with any other challenge to Islamic law, organized warfare can be expected. We are already seeing this in a number of places where Islamic ideology is making intimate contact with other cultures. History has shown time and again that changes in many viewpoints will result from this contact, as both sides tend to adopt attitudes and behaviors and traditions. Resistance to this type of change is common. What is different concerning Islam is that resistance to change of this type has been so consistent and prevalent. Islam has proven to be particularly resistant to change in general and this resistance is continuing to be violently pursued by Muslims in many parts of the world. This can be expected to not only continue, but to increase as the global economy enhances Islamic interaction with the rest of the world. It is a necessary step to eliminate some of the worst aspects of Islam, and we must begin today.

Time is not on our side. Sooner or later, an Islamic terrorist organization will obtain and deploy effective WMD. The resulting massive loss of life would dwarf the loss of life in the current war. It could easily trigger a much larger war. It is far better to fight a conventional war today. We must begin to force Islam to accept some modern principals. The concept of stoning ANYONE to death is a good place to begin.

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