Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mismanaged war

A very close friend has sent me an article that described how any new attacks upon U.S. soil would work for the political advantage of the Republican party and Presidential hopeful, John McCain. This is quite correct. Republicans in general and John McCain specifically are usually seen as being stronger on foreign policy regarding military concepts and warfare in general. An attack upon the U.S. would play to their political strength. However, to infer that either would actually work to have an attack hit us again is pretty far-fetched. The political implication is that it would be bad judgement to have a person and/or a political party in power that has this as an incentive.

This incentive has been with us for many years, at least. If this incentive was and is being acted upon, I guess the criticisms of President Bush are correct: He must be a lousy President who can’t get it done, as he has had almost 7 years to arrange for an additional attack and has failed miserably. It appears to me that it would be far easier to allow an enemy to attack you than to prevent or stop any and/or all enemy attacks. The more skillful the opponent, the more difficult it is to stop the assault.

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