Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Palestinian collaborators sentenced as spies

Two Palestinian collaborators were convicted last week. They were convicted of helping Israel in identifying the locations of two Palestinians who were later killed by Israeli forces. The sentence is death by firing squad. The President of the PA must approve death sentences. HAMAS has said that they will ‘seek other alternatives’ if President Abbas does not approve of the court action.

During wartime, it is not uncommon to shoot spies. HAMAS is and has acted as if they are at war with Israel. This fits the pattern that Islam in general and Islamic terrorist organizations specifically are at war with the world. Not all Muslims are involved, by any stretch. However, Islam was designed to rule everything and everyone. Unless those features of Islam are eliminated, the war will continue through proxies like HAMAS, Hezbollah, AQ and all of the other Islamic terror groups and governments who live and support Islamic ideology. This is not extreme Islamic ideology. The worst part is that this applies to much of the common interpretation of the Koran.

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