Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on progres in Iraq

I pulled this from the site ‘’.

"The attack in Karmah comes as Multinational Forces Iraq is preparing to turn over control of the province this weekend. Designating Anbar as Provincial Iraqi Control puts the Iraqi security forces in the lead of security operations. US forces would be in an "overwatch," or supporting role to back up Iraqi forces as needed.
Anbar is the tenth of Iraq's 18 provinces to go under Iraqi control. It was once thought Anbar would be the last to transition to Iraq control. Anbar was written off as "lost" to al Qaeda in Iraq in late 2006. But the rise of the Anbar Awakening, the groups of tribes and former insurgent groups opposed to al Qaeda's theocratic rule, turned the tide in early 2007 and made Anbar one of Iraq's most peaceful provinces."

It is nice to see progress. I will caution you that this war is far from being over. The ideology of the enemy has a base throughout the Muslim world. Islam numbers well over 1 billion people. Cultural change takes time. With so many people involved, we can expect this to take decades.

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