Friday, June 13, 2008

Pakistan stopping support of anti-terrorism efforts?

On May 25th, I posted about how Pakistan has been making deals with the Taliban. My expectation was that the Pakistani government would attempt to stop our cross-border attacks upon enemy targets inside of Pakistan. The Chicago Tribune (6/12/08) Section 1, Page 10 had an article titled "Border airstrike angers Pakistan".

Within the article, it becomes clear that the Pakistani government is not happy about the more than one dozen bombs dropped by the U.S. within its territory. Reportedly, 11 Pakistani troops were killed. Our side is saying something different, in that those killed were not friendly troops. From a civilian point of view, how can we know if those soldiers were on our side or not?

Apparently, we even presented video showing at least part of the battle. I have not seen the video, but I do believe our side more than the other side. I have been expecting something like this to occur. The deals between the Pakistani government and the Taliban lead me to believe that the Pakistani government is changing loyalties to favor the enemy. If those soldiers were NOT on our side, the Pakistani government would have a good excuse to stop our attacks. Even if those soldiers were on our side, we can expect the Pakistani government to put an end to our attacks into their territory. This trend can be expected to continue into other areas as well.

The next major step I am expecting to read about will be the assassination of Musharraf. Even though he holds far less power than before, he is still an obstacle for the enemy.

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