Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Islamic overview

As with any balanced view, the need is to look at both sides. I have noticed that those who defend Islam discuss Mohammed and how he led his life. They discuss the many stories (Like parables in the Bible) of how you should act personally. These stories describe good examples for everyone to follow. This aspect of Islam is what the ‘moderates’ tend to focus upon. Yet the ‘10 Commandments’ of Islam are nowhere near the ideas that they represent in the Bible. The Koran has more than ‘10 Commandments’ and they are hostile to non-Muslims.

One of the biggest issues that I have with Islam is how Islamic law has been commonly interpreted over the past 1400 years. I have a particular problem with Jihad. In addition, some of the other commonly accepted legal aspects of Islam are so hostile to non-Muslims that I can see why warfare is necessary. People just don't change these types of views without organized violence. This is why I use the example of slavery and the U.S. Civil War. I have noticed that those who are defending Islam do not discuss the legal aspects of the 'religion'. Yet, like the ’10 Commandments’, these legal rules are the basis of society and organized behavior. In a way that is similar to the South prior to the U.S. Civil War, societies will resist outside change with organized violence. Once critical mass is reached and the change is becoming more common, this will lead to open warfare. A large problem with dealing with Islam is that these beliefs are common over such a large population that the war has the potential to get way out of hand. Because nuclear weapons are becoming so commonplace, World War III is a distinct possibility.

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