Friday, April 11, 2008


The new Pakistani government wants to talk with the Taliban.

I copied the next paragraph from ‘’.

(The Taliban has welcomed the government’s overtures for peace. The recently established Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan praised the government’s decisions during a public rally in Bajaur agency. Wanted Taliban leaders Faqir Muhammad, Sher Bahadar, Muhammad Ismail, and spokesman Maulvi Omar were in attendance and spoke at the rally.
The Taliban demanded the Pakistani government end its cooperation with the US as a condition for negotiations. "Whenever Pakistan will work for American interests as its ally, we will oppose it," Faqir said as the crowd chanted "death to America". The Taliban also said it would continue to strike in Afghanistan and demanded sharia law be implemented in the Northwest Frontier Province.)

The Pakistani government wants to negotiate with the Taliban? The Pakistani government knows better. This is more like agreeing with more of what the Taliban stands for than disagreement.

We all need to watch Pakistan VERY closely. They do have nuclear weapons and the missile systems to deliver them.

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