Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pakistan releases Taliban leader, signs peace deal with outlawed Taliban group

Now that President Musharraf is not as effective in running the government of Pakistan, we are beginning to see what he was dealing with. Many people in the U.S want to get rid of President Musharraf. This viewpoint believes that once he is gone, Pakistan can become democratic. It would follow that Pakistan would then become a responsible member of the world community. I have disagreed with this viewpoint from the start. Not that I am much of a fan of dictators.

Many people in Pakistan want Islamic law. Islamic law is far more authoritarian than what Musharraf represents. Please research Islamic law and judge for yourself what implications this will mean. Not just internally to Pakistan, but regarding how the foreign policy of Pakistan will be impacted. Don’t forget Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them effectively. In my view, by signing a peace deal with the Taliban, the Pakistani government is allowing Islamic organizational training camps to remain not only undisturbed, but to actually prosper. This is what was occurring in Afghanistan prior to our toppling the Taliban government. This is a very dangerous trend. We all need to keep a close eye on what is going on regarding Pakistan.

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