Monday, April 21, 2008

Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Vows Monthlong Offensive Against U.S.

Report: Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Vows Monthlong Offensive Against U.S.

Is this not why we are in Iraq? I am certainly pleased that Al Qaeda is launching this offensive against our military. This is much better than attacking our embassies, or a bunch of schools or shopping malls.

This is a poor match-up for Al Qaeda. Our military is among the best in the world. Not only this, but the battlefield is surrounded by desert. We can isolate each individual battle and cut the enemy off from reinforcement and supply. The United States can certainly withstand a month long battle. We have been on the defensive for much longer than that in the past, and had been getting our butts kicked. Fleets lost, armies destroyed, and we still bounced back. Al Qaeda had better be able to maintain an offensive posture for much longer than one month if they really expect to win.

Al Qaeda will not be able to defeat our army in open battle. They can’t even wipe out a platoon or company of our army. Al Qaeda will lose a lot of manpower and munitions making this attempt. Despite what the media may say, this is good news.

The United States holds the strategic initiative by our presence in Iraq. Al Qaeda and those who think like they do MUST attack us in Iraq. They cannot allow a successful democracy to become established. This is why we are SAFER by our presence in Iraq.

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