Sunday, February 17, 2008

Political solution in Iraq

Some issues have no political solution. Hitler is an obvious example. Another example is slavery in the United States. No negotiation was possible that would free the slaves. It took the bloodiest war in our history to get rid of it. Yet slavery’s best general, Robert E. Lee did not like owning slaves. He found them ‘difficult to motivate and manage’. He did not fight for slavery. He fought for his home state of Virginia. He was more loyal to a lower level of government than the Federal government. In Iraq, the people are more loyal to their clan. This is a common problem throughout the Middle East. (In many other parts of the world as well) This is not irrational. Nor are many of the other causes of civil conflict throughout Islam.

Islamic law has been around for more than 1400 years. Many legal rulings have been made over this time and Islamic scholars have established many laws that are considered ‘authentic’. These were spoken by Mohammed and are considered law. Many other laws are still being argued about (Such as beating your wife) but I will limit discussion on these. They will be noted. I will focus on the laws that are considered ‘authentic’ and have been enforced as such. Please note that these issues are non-negotiable.

Traditional Islam views the world as belonging to one of two houses: The house of Islam and the house of war. The world is made up of Muslims and infidels. The penalty for leaving Islam is death. (An Apostate) This law has been enforced within Islamic lands for 1400 years. Exceptions are rare. One BIG problem with this is that if you are Muslim and disagree with any of the ‘authentic’ laws, then you may be considered an Apostate. This law is a major contribution to the Civil war that is taking place today. For example: The penalty for a married woman convicted of adultery is that she is to be stoned to death. This law has also been enforced for 1400 years. Riots occurred in Nigeria back in 2006 because the court refused to administer this punishment. The court was guilty of Apostasy.

In addition, once land becomes Muslim controlled; it can never revert back to being non-Muslim. The penalty for leaving Islam is death applies to land as well. (True, you can’t kill land, but the idea is that conversion of land to Muslim control is a one-way street.) This is an additional complication because another law is that if any Muslim land is every controlled by infidels, it triggers a worldwide obligation to kill the ‘occupiers’. These problems can be seen as being influencing factors in the constant Arab-Israeli wars. Let’s take a fictional example:
An U.S. task force enters what is considered to be international waters. Egypt does not see it that way. Egyptian forces wipe out the U.S. ships. The U.S. invades Egypt and removes it’s government. A worldwide obligation to kill Americans now takes effect. The cause of the war is immaterial. All that matters is that an infidel organization cannot EVER control what was once Muslim governed land. This issue is also tied in with Jihad.

Islam has four legal enemies that war may be waged against at any time. (Truces must be observed)
Infidels, Apostates, Rebels and Bandits

Fighting in a war against the first two qualify as Jihad. In Jihad you qualify for booty in this world, paradise in the next. "The idea is that Jihad will continue (Interrupted only by truces) until the entire world adopts Islam or is subjected to Muslim rule". "Throughout 1400 years of Islamic history, Jihad has been most commonly interpreted to mean armed struggle for the defense or advancement of Muslim power". (Bernard Lewis) Muslims are not supposed to use the booty clause to seize property for their own gain. However, you know people. Muslims may say that they don’t do this, but they are just as human as you and I. Throughout history, seizure of property for personal gain has been a staple of human behavior.

These are only some of the issues. Now let’s talk briefly about politics: Traditional Islamic electoral policy has been classically summarized as being "One man, (Men only) one vote, once." In other words, once Islam is selected, there is no going back. No more voting. This is in line with the penalty for leaving Islam is death. This also is in line with once land becomes Muslim controlled, it can never revert back.

Any one of these issues will cause people to take up arms. Combine them together and you have multiple issues similar to slavery. People will not negotiate these issues. They will wage war every time you challenge any of them. Look at all of the places in the world where Islam is in close proximity to other cultures. To name some: Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, India-Pakistan, Lebanon, Israel and the ‘occupied’ terrorties, Nigeria and the rest of Africa, Indonesia. Violence is commonplace. These are not irrational issues nor are the people behaving irrationally.

The ‘Great Satan’ is the United States. Why? Because we are the leaders of the infidel world. Our culture is impacting them more than any other. Osama declared war on us long before Iraq came into the picture. All of Israel is sitting on what was once Muslim land. Jihad must continue until Muslim control is re-established over that land again. And Israel owes payment.

Any infidel living in Muslim land must pay tribute. It is for their ‘protection’. Remember the Barbary pirates? The U.S. had ships passing through Muslim waters. We owed them payment. This was an extension of the Tribute law. Payment of Tribute by all infidels was being discussed in Iraq last summer, but I have not found out if they passed the law. If they did not, it is another example of how the Iraqi government is an Apostate government.

The phrase "Violent extremism" implies that only a small minority is involved. The ‘authentic’ laws of Islam (I have mentioned only a VERY small number of them) are the basis of 1400 years of Muslim history. These laws are like the Ten Commandments. (Only many more of them) They are the basis of this ‘religion’. They are embedded into the culture. The people who are Muslim who agree with us (The so-called Moderates) are Apostates. The law is very clear. The penalty is death. This issue, among so many others, is non-negotiable. Throughout history, these types of issues (Like slavery) trigger warfare every time.

These issues are what the Islamic Civil war is all about. No political solution is available for these issues. Either you enforce or you do not. War will result if you fail to enforce, as it has. The United States, indeed the entire world is at risk depending upon who is the winner.
OK, don’t take my word. The number 1 rule of warfare: Know thy enemy. Take a look at Islam. Read three books that are pro-Islam. (They will discuss what a great guy Mohammed was.) Read three books that are critical of Islam. They will discuss Islamic law. This should help anyone who looks into this subject see just who the ‘enemy’ is.

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