Thursday, February 14, 2008

Terrorist leader killed.

The killing of Imad Mughniyeh, who was an important figure in Hezbollah, has brought to light the divide in Lebanon. Lebanon is part Muslim, and part Christian. Lebanon is a good example of a place where Islam is bumping into non-Muslim culture. Hezbollah is very popular with Muslims in Lebanon. Many groups with similar ideology are popular throughout the Muslim world. This is because these groups favor many of the laws that scholars have agreed are ‘authentic’ laws of Islam. As a direct result, violence is a common feature of many places where Islam is making intimate contact with other cultures. Some of the more obvious places are India, Indonesia, Turkey, many places in Africa, Israel and the Palestinian areas, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. The basic problem is ‘authentic’ Islamic law.

‘Authentic’ Islamic law is inherently hostile to the rest of the world. It is about as opposite of U.S. law as can be imagined. Please, don’t take my word. Study Islam. Pick out 3 books at a library that are complementary of Islam. Pick out 3 books that are critical of Islam. Many books are available that are not large texts, make easy reads and are very informative. What I have found is the views that are complementary of Islam talk about Mohammed. The examples of how he lead his life. We should all follow these examples. The critical views talk about Islamic law and how it has been enforced. Studying Islam is well worth the effort. I was surprised, I’ll bet you will be also.

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