Saturday, February 9, 2008

Islamic law in UK

The Archbishop of Canterbury called Thursday for Britain to adopt aspects of Islamic shariah law alongside the existing legal system. He said that introduction of shariah in family law was "unavoidable". That such "constructive accommodation" should not deprive Muslims of their right to take their cases to their own court system. This is similar to how Orthodox Jews refer religious disputes to rabbinical courts. This is a discussion that will not last very long.

The Islamic legal system is inherently hostile to that of Britain. So many of the ‘authentic’ laws have to be ignored in order to be compatible with the English (And the U.S) legal system as to make it a sure thing that violence will result from any attempt like the experiment in Iraq. A political solution is not available for those who follow the ‘authentic’ law that a married, convicted adulteress is to be stoned to death. You either enforce it, or you do not. No gray area to work with. Islamic law has this problem as a general rule. If you decide not to enforce, you are an Apostate. Islamic law is so precise that it requires a great deal of ignoring laws in order to be compatible with the rest of the world. This places anyone who agrees with this, extreme liberal ‘version’ of Islam in the category of Apostate. No wonder a civil war is going on in Iraq and the rest of the Islamic world. Here are some examples of 'authentic' shariah law:

1) Illegal to charge or be charged interest on a loan. (A new, liberal idea is to allow an exception for first time homebuyers.) Modern economic theory demands this concept. No wonder the economies are so bad in the areas where this ‘religion’ is strong.

2) 2 Women testimony equals one man. No way will Britain allow this. To ignore this law (As with many others) is to become an Apostate. See problem # 6.

3) Beat your wife. OK, this is being debated because the phrase can be read multiple ways. The fact that this argument is so widespread indicates that millions of men do believe that this is the correct way to interpret this law. This must be ignored.

4) Tribute. Payment of infidels living in (Or passing through?) Muslim land. So anyone who is not Muslim must make payments. This requirement is being discussed in today’s Iraq. This must be ignored.

5) Moral obligation to kill occupiers of Muslim lands. That no other requirements seem to exist is a BIG problem. In other words, even if a Muslim government launches what we would consider a war of aggression, the occupation of the country triggers the obligation to kill occupiers. Assuming that this would occur outside of Britain, it would not matter. By the way, this is a contributing reason for the constant Arab-Israeli wars.

6) Penalty for leaving Islam is death. (An Apostate) This dooms anyone who is Muslim to death if they don’t interpret the law in the same way. No wonder they kill each other as well as fighting the rest of the world. This is a major contributing factor in the Civil War going on throughout the Islamic world. Want to start it up in Britain?

7) Marry for 1 hour and divorce as long as payment is made. I do not know how strong this law is. However, it is sanctioned prostitution. It must be ignored by Britain.

8) Multiple wives. OK! Now we are talking! (Just kidding, I can’t handle the one I have.)

9) All references to women and infidels as property. (Slaves) Must be ignored.

10) Mecca and Medina being illegal for anyone besides a Muslim. Britain will not be impacted.

11) Married woman convicted of adultry is to be stoned to death. 'Authentic' law that must also be ignored.

12) The four ‘legal’ enemies to wage war against:
a) Infidels
b) Apostates
c) Rebels
d) Bandits
(The first two qualify for ‘Jihad’.) "The presumption is that the duty of Jihad will continue (Interrupted only by truces) until the world adopts Islam or submits to Muslim rule." "Those who fight in the Jihad qualify for rewards in both worlds. Booty in this one, paradise in the next." (Bernard Lewis, The Crisis of Islam, Page 31, copyright 2003.) So you can wage war against infidels, Apostates, Rebels and Bandits. This means to kill. The entire concept of Jihad must become internal. History has demonstrated that this is not the case throughout the Muslim world. This must be ignored. This is an additional reason for the constant Arab-Israeli wars.

Many of the items in this list are worth dying to protect or to obtain. No wonder the United States and Britain are involved in a war. I am surprised that the war itself is this small. No wonder a Civil war is going on in Iraq and throughout the Islamic world. If Britain ever attempts to accommodate this 'legal' system, it would not be surprising if a Civil War resulted.

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