Thursday, February 7, 2008

Best and worst for U.S. Military

Best surface on Earth for U.S. Military to fight.

1) Over water: It requires warships to control the surface. It requires submarines and torpedoes to fight under the surface. It requires aircraft and missiles to fight above. All aspects are high tech and heavy on mechanization and equipment.

2) Desert: It requires heavy mechanization to supply and support any sizable force in the desert. Thermal imaging and other ‘High Tech’ devices are at their best in this type of environment. Mobile forces are free to maneuver at will.

3) Open land: The Great Plains in the United States and the steppes in Russia. The only natural obstacles are rivers.

The worst:

1) Mountains: Aircraft can’t maneuver well. Uneven ground makes heavy weapons unstable and blocks line of sight. Low-tech men and weapons are easy to hide and move.

2) Swamps: Marginally better than mountains because of ability of aircraft to maneuver.

3) Cities and forests: Line of sight is basic problem. Trees and buildings provide protection for the defense.

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