Friday, January 11, 2013


President Obama is successful in implementing real CHANGE.

I know of two people, both of whom I have known most of my life, who have purchased multiple firearms in the past 3 weeks. Neither have ever owned firearms in their lives. One is doing extensive training in safety, cleaning, and repair of the weapons he has purchased. (I do not know how much the other is embarking on, yet) I agree and want to do the same. The only thing holding me back is my wife. She has flatly refused to allow any firearms in the house. This is a national trend right now. Not exactly what gun control advocates want. Frankly, I don't care what they want. I am beginning to feel that I need firearms for my own safety and for that of my family. Now I have an additional problem.

I am hearing about our government forming a national data base that will list the owners of firearms on a type of map quest. This will make my family a target. Just last night I was at a meeting (Of families with autistic children) where the organizer described being pick pocketed. Her wallet was stolen out of her purse in a location where it was known that surveillance is really weak. The police have told her that this area is the highest crime location for this type of theft because it is known to NOT have good surveillance. So this proposed data base can be used by criminals to target houses and locations like my own home. At least if I had firearms (Which I have never owned in my life, not even a BB gun) I would have some protection. It can be argued that owners may be targeted by those seeking firearms, but if that is the case, they had better be prepared for overcoming active defense, which requires additional resources and planning. I believe the risk is worth it. Anything that makes someone with hostile intent toward me and my family work harder.

Last night I got a phone call from a conservative organization that wants to impeach and then have President Obama removed from office. I was against removing President Clinton from office, but I agree with the concept of removing President Obama from office.

All of this is REAL CHANGE. President Obama is doing exactly what he said that he would do: “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE America”.  

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