Friday, January 4, 2013

Al Gore sells his TV station to Al Jazeera

Nice move, makes a capital gain just prior to the tax rates going up. I can understand, I did the same thing except that I did not make anything like the kind of money that he did. Good for him. One difference between us is that I do not go around telling everyone that 'rich' people like him should be paying more taxes and at the same time dodging them. Well, I am not nearly as 'rich' as he is, but I have and would do just what he did. EXCEPT, who he sold it to.

One argument about selling the TV station to al Jazeera is that they will not be broadcasting the same stuff that they do in the Middle East. This is understandable because much of what they do is so hostile to the United States. At the same time, the argument that their point of view is valid and should be seen by U.S. Viewers and this would be good. After all, there are usually two sides to just about everything and understanding the other side is an important way of building understanding. My reply to this is that Paul Joseph Goebbels had a point of view as well. He presented Hitler better than anyone and did it brilliantly. Would we want this B.S. Being broadcast in our country in 1935? How about 1942? Sorry, but I could give a damn what that guy thought or said, other than that he was the enemy. You do want to listen to your enemy because they just might make a mistake and give away some important information. But they are still the enemy. Al Jazeera is no friend of the United States, our way of thinking or our way of life. They may package it to make it less apparent, but the message will still be that of the enemy of my country. Al Gore made money buy dong business with them and avoided paying more than what he believed to be 'his fair share'. Maybe this why I am not as 'rich' as he is. I would not have helped an enemy of my country for personal gain.  

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