Tuesday, January 15, 2013

President Obama's surprise press conference

I like how he blames Congress for ‘racking up the bills’. As if He, President Obama, is not the spendthrift and Congress and the Republicans are. I thought that President Obama stated that we, meaning the United States, do not have a spending problem? If we do not have a spending problem and taxes on “The RICH” are making them pay “Their fair share”, then why do we need to borrow more money by raising the debt limit?

I thought that having the wealthy Americans “Pay their fair share” would settle the issue. No need to raise taxes on the Middle Class, let alone the less fortunate. And where did this 'gun to the head of the American people' come from? Back in 2009, I thought President Obama had saved us. Remember how he went outside the day after the stimulus was passed and 'it was a nice day'? Disaster averted, or at least this was how President Obama described it. I guess we need to be saved again.

I thought that the U.S. Constitution required a budget. I don't recall seeing or hearing about one passed during President Obama's first term. Historically, Presidents do not seem to do well in 2nd terms and President Obama does not look like he handles criticism well. This press conference shows me that President Obama is going to be called out more this time around. The question about how President Obama had voted against raising the debt limit back when he was a Senator is a good indicator. Certainly a far cry from being asked what he liked most about being President. Maybe he should avoid press conferences. OH, he already does. Well, maybe he should just not hold them and just do speeches. Then at least he can think about the stuff he wants to make up a little better. I am just your average Joe and I can see through this. Surely, President Obama can do better. 

President Obama is already really squirming and his 2nd term has not even begun yet. His 2nd term is going to become really, really ugly.

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