Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where did the "Arsenal of Democracy" go?

Although I disagree with FDR’s general economic policies, I can’t help but admire his foreign policy, at least prior to United States involvement in World War II. We needed to be in that war and he helped get us there. Better yet, he was working since 1938 to prepare our armed forces for the struggle. Many of our aircraft and ships that won the war were designed in 1938 and 1939. We must have spent some amount of money to have all of these modern designs ready for production. Did you ever wonder why it was that the U.S. had 3 new fast battleships in 1942? We only had 9 in 1941, yet we had a full 33% more coming in the very first year of the war. It took several years to build one of those things. This is only one of numerous examples. FDR was not just boasting: The U.S. WAS the Arsenal of Democracy. Yet it was private ownership that designed and built that arsenal. It was the very lack of government control of our economy that made us as strong as we were. Where is this arsenal today? Democrats don’t seem to want to have anything to do with it. Not only have Democrats become the party of George McClellan again, but Democrats want to ‘Fundamentally Change’ the economy that maintains our arsenal. President Obama is succeeding. The U.S. economy is staggering. We have not seen any real ‘recovery’ since President Obama ‘saved us from an economic cliff’ in 2009. What we are seeing is a socialist economic result. The low percentage of ‘growth’ that we have been seeing are typical of government run economies. (Actually, pretty good returns for government run economies, probably because we still have some stubborn capitalists who are still driving what little growth we are having.) In other words, the U.S. is NOT the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ anymore. Not only are we not facing our enemies overseas, we are “Fundamentally CHANGING” our economy away from those very concepts that gave us the strength to win World War II. In 1900, the percentage of our economy that was allocated by the U.S. government was well under 1%. With the takeover of our Health Care system, (plus all of the other takeovers of banks and other companies) this percentage easily tops 50%. If you believe as President Obama does, that government can allocate our national wealth better than if privately controlled; this would make our economy much, much stronger. If he is correct, not only should we begin to see massive growth, but the next war should be a piece of cake as our ‘arsenal’ should become much, much more powerful than it has ever been. The history of our country has demonstrated that this is NOT the case. This will NOT happen if President Obama becomes re-elected and is able to continue his ‘fundamental CHANGING’ of America.

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