Wednesday, July 18, 2012

President Bush's policies destroyed our economy

"President Bush’s policies destroyed our economy." I heard this statement on Fox News by a person who was attempting to defend President Obama’s policies. What worries me here is that she must really believe this. Limited government over economic matters (And just about everything else) is what built this country. I have thought that U.S. history had proved beyond doubt that this sound economic principal was the best, more fair and most effective way to allow an economy to run. We kicked the English out because of the effect that taxes were having upon our commerce. Today, it takes the average American until May 15th (Much later after Obama care kicks in) just to pay our Federal taxes. Toss in state and local taxes and that date is pushed back to the end of May or beginning of June. June 30th is the last day of the 1st half of a year. This is close to 50%. (The actual figure I read is 44%) A century ago, this percentage was well under 1%. It will prove impossible (without dictatorial powers) to move our taxes back to 1% again and I am certain that this would not be wise in any case. However, Republicans in general and President Bush in particular attempt to reverse this trend. This interviewee believes that any policy designed to accomplish this is destructive to our economy? The obvious conclusion is that she believes that our government can allocate the national resources of the U.S. more ‘fairly’, wisely and more effectively than we can. Not exactly the concept that our economy was founded upon. And to reverse this or at least slow it down is destroying it? Accusations tend to tell you more about the accuser than the accused. In this case, the accusation is telling us that President Obama is doing the destruction in our economy. He is doing EXACTLY what he said that he would do: “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE” America. Who is really destroying what? Our health care system is one of the few economic places where America is still leading the world. This is because it was set up to make money, or profit. Now with government in control, we can expect our health care system to run into the same problems that other centrally managed health care systems experience: Shortages and cost overruns followed by austerity and cutbacks in service. Just look at England and Canada’s health care. This is what we can expect in 20 or 30 years. And President Bush destroyed our economy? Oh, I forgot. The booming economy that we enjoy today is all Bush’s fault.

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