Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Islamic nationalism

I define Islamic nationalism as loyalty to the legal and political system of Islam over any other government or national entity. While the Koran has many interpretations, the basic idea of Islam as a national entity that can wage war, defend ‘occupied’ ‘land’ or ‘waters’ to enforce its sovereignty is a common denominator. What makes this so dangerous is the fact that this concept is so widely accepted. Islam was a major form of government for more than 1000 years. This is certainly long enough to entrench itself as a cultural norm. It will not go away easily, or quickly. Islamic nationalism is one, if not the major cause of 9/11 and the war(s). Many argue that Islam is not monolithic, which is true. Many of the areas where Islamic nationalism is strong are modern, both in technology and culture. It was only 70 years ago when the world was engaged in a massive war triggered by governments that ruled over modern societies, both in technology and culture. While these governments were monolithic in a sense, the very fact that the war today is irregular in nature would be a natural expression of this divided force. Islam was founded as a combined religion and government. It is based upon many medieval principals. This was long before the rise of the modern government and the professional army. The armies of the ancient world were irregular. The economies of the world could not maintain a standing army as we know of them today. Even in the Roman army, the soldiers spent a majority of their time doing peaceful economic activity. They were called to arms as needed. The officer corps was professional, at least at the top. And even then, they spent a great deal of time on political and economic matters. The point is that the Islamic army of today resembles that of the medieval period more than anything else. They even chop off heads and perform many other brutal acts that have long since been discarded by modern ideology. The problem is Islamic government and law. A religion that functions as a nation state has no place in the modern world. Imams have the power to declare war, field armies, levy taxes and enforce laws. All of the other religions of the world (That I know of) have long since ended this practice. Islam has yet to do this. Until this is accomplished successfully, the Islamic world will continue to provide violent confrontations.

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