Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heatlh Care

The major political event next week will most likely be the Supreme Court ruling on Health Care. The stakes really can’t be much higher. This law or series of laws is estimated to account for more than 15% of the entire GDP of the United States. This is not exactly small potatoes. If it passes, it will be almost impossible to reverse or ignore. Like Social Security, it will become a part of our legal system and I believe that only dictatorial powers would be able to eliminate it. Maybe at first the laws can be stalled or not funded by Conservative majorities in the House and Senate or even the White House. But sooner or later, Democrats would obtain enough power to enable it. The historical pattern is that once the U.S. government obtains power in an area, it does not give it back. Even if Health Care fails the constitution test, President Obama has succeeded. He has fundamentally changed America. The changes that he has enacted without Health Care is already enough permanent change to us to qualify. With Health Care, the CHANGE is much more so. But for President Obama, this is his signature upgrade. The largest political and economic move that President Obama has made was Health Care. His political fortune rides on this. The affordable Health Care bill (Which is not exactly what it is) is a clear demonstration of the ideology that President Obama subscribes to. If it passes entirely (Not a given) our federal government would be enabled to do just about anything that it wanted, “So that YOU can find out” what they are doing. Fundamental CHANGE would be quite accurate. If it fails, the rejection would not necessarily rule out future attempts. It would just push the CHANGE that he wants further into the future, probably past his 2nd term. Second term Presidents typically do not accomplish as much in their second 4 years as they do in the first 4 years. You just never really know. President Obama has been a first in many ways. It would not surprise me to find out that he was different in this matter as well.

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