Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are losing the war

I was watching FOX News on Sunday (5/13/12) and caught part of a show on honor killings. In this show, the argument was being made that Islam was not the problem, but the culture of the area was responsible for the actions of the father. What was not pointed out was how Islam IS a culture. Culture is a system of beliefs and behaviors built up by a group of people over many years. It can be argued that Christianity has developed its own culture over the 2000 years since inception. Islam has been around for more than 1400 years and certainly has had enough time to develop similar engraved beliefs and behaviors as a direct result of its teachings. And Islam has the force of government to ensure its establishment in a more direct way. The changes in governments taking place in the Middle East and North Africa are resulting in Islamic governments coming to power, or at the very least, gaining political control that it did not have in a long time. Islamic governance is hostile to Israel and the United States. Islamic government is hostile to every other form of government, but we are first on the agenda because we are the most in contact with Islam and we are the strongest. We are also more in opposition to the majority of its concepts and teachings which is where the cultural conflict comes into play. In any case, Islam is winning right now. The terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 believed in Islamic government and law. They were part of the Islamic army, an army that is not only still active today, but expanding. As new nations come more under its direct influence, we can expect more activity from our enemies. And we do not have a ‘killing ground’ like we did in Iraq that forced our enemies to confront an organized armed force directly. Today, our enemies are facing the police and internal security forces of the national entity that they are attempting to defeat. This is not a favorable match up for us. Bin Laden himself said that “We will back the stronger horse.” Another result of our withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan is that we can expect our enemies to gain support for their actions. In other words, we are losing the war. If this continues, the net result will be the use of WMD by our enemies. This has always been only a matter of time, but this timetable has been moved up considerably. How close is anyone’s guess, but the end result will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a warm up routine.

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