Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tipping point?

Greece is at a tipping point. They have no other choice than to cut spending. Just look at what the population of Greece is now doing. This is human nature at work. If your society understands that it can vote itself more benefits and entitlements (For ‘free’) why would any sane person say NO? The problem comes years later when it comes time to pay. Then benefits have to be cut back. For a society that is accustomed to certain benefits, they will fight to save what they have. (Think union mentality) Why should a person NOT be able to retire at age 53 and get full retirement benefits? What is wrong with age 50?

The United States is heading the way of Greece. President Obama’s budget does not address the core issue of spending. This same budget does not stand a chance of passing because the Senate will block any vote. (It would not pass anyway) Our Federal government has not had a budget in 3 years. In other words, our republic is NOT working.

Fast and Furious echoes are still with us. Now we have our Federal government mandating insurance companies to provide ‘free’ contraceptive materials. Religious organizations that offer insurance to their employees will be supporting and paying for this against their beliefs. In addition, we have the Federal government working with ‘non-profit’ organizations to hire private investigators to research employees of Fox News and other conservative organizations to dig up dirt to be used to discredit them. (Remember Jack Ryan?) No person and organization is perfectly clean. We all have problems and skeletons. Did you not do some things that you now regret? What happened to our historical pattern of forgiveness and tolerance of past mistakes? I guess our “Christian values” only go so far. Or have we ‘fundamentally CHANGED’?

How did Greece get into the mess they have? People elected the leaders that gave the population what they wanted. Now the government must do things that the people don’t want, against their will. The result is violence. If Greece is lucky, they will not get revolution. We need to keep a close eye on Greece and Europe. We are doing the same things that they are. The United States is just not as far along in the process. It is human nature. You know the old definition of insanity. Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Maybe in the short run, we can stall this destructive pattern. Human nature will not allow for a complete reversal. President Obama is certainly not interested in stopping this pattern. He is doing everything in his power to ‘fundamentally CHANGE’ America. He is succeeding.

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