Saturday, February 11, 2012

President Obama is a fake Christian

Plenty of people are not practicing Christians, or Catholics, or whatever. I count myself among this group. Although practicing Catholics brought me up, I do not actively practice the religion. Nor do I claim to be. However, having attended 8 years of Catholic schools and having attended 4 years of CCD I can safely say that I can recognize a Christian (Not necessarily Catholic) if I see one. And President Obama is a fake.

In yesterday’s mini-speech, President Obama was speaking about his Christian values. He must not understand what those values are all that much. What he was attempting to say had little to do with the values that I have witnessed time and again throughout my life. My teachers (Yes, many but not all were nuns) LIVED that way. President Obama cannot have any concept of what this means. If you are not a practicing Christian, you generally don’t talk about it. It just does not come up. President Obama speaks as if he IS a practicing Christian.

Whether President Obama is a practicing Christian or not, he would never have had to make that speech. He/she would have recognized the threat of what President Obama is attempting to do and would have taken those views into account long ago. His attempt to stay the course tells us that yet again. And it does not matter if the Catholic Church is not paying for the contraception services; it is the very IDEA. Now, speaking as a Catholic, the choice the church will have is to NOT offer ANY insurance at all.

President Obama cannot understand this, so he must not understand the way the Catholic Church teaches and embraces the Christian faith all that well. President Obama would do much better if he stopped pretending to be a Christian. He is not all that good at it.

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