Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loss of the republic

Do you believe that the government of Greece is stable? The financial stress that Greece is under can only be a great stress upon the government itself. Just look at other countries in Europe that are in financial trouble. Nice, stable governments as well. Even though the United States is not as far along in our financial trouble that these countries in Europe are, we are well on our way. And if we continue down this path, we can expect violence and instability within our governmental system as well. And this is only one of the reasons why I am fearful for the longevity of our great Republic. In a post dated October of 2010, I outlined another reason.

(Posted 10/30/10)

I guess that much additional stress has been added this election cycle because I do not see the leadership of this country as responding to the will of the people. Very few issues actually make it to the public's general notice. Republicans have wanted to place Social Security on a sounder financial basis since the 1980's. Twice it was proposed (Ronald Regan and George W. Bush) and both times the United States population said 'NO!'. I consider President Clinton to have been a moderate for just this reason. The U.S. public said 'NO!' in the 1994 Health Care debate, and he backed off. The fact that the American public said 'NO!' this past February on Health Care (Again) and the U.S. Congress said "yes" and did it anyway is dangerous. This is where we can lose the Republic.

This is why I am concerned about the loss of the Republic within my lifetime. Next time the Republicans get a vast majority, they can just carve up Social Security? Or better yet, why not just repeal Social Security altogether? If that can't be done, then something major is wrong with our legal system. Or else we lose the Republic because it would take dictatorial power to make the necessary changes.

Both are losing scenarios. Not to mention that we have a major external war brewing that in a few years is going to get out of control. Wars NEVER stay stable. They may be stable for periods of time, but they NEVER stay that way forever. It is one of the few times the word is true. In any case, the next few years will be decisive if we are going to prevent the change of the Republic that can’t be reversed.

End Post.

We may be too late. That “fundamental change” may have already occurred. We should be able to see within the next 5 to 10 years.

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