Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plot to kill Saudi Ambassador

A plot was exposed yesterday that connected Iran to an assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. A problem here is that we lose either way.

If this is just made up by the administration to bring pressure off of other issues, we are in big trouble because of the level of deceit required. Frankly, I can see President Obama going for something like this, but I doubt that this is it.

More likely this is true, but what does that say about our position? President Obama sure needed to go public in order to help his political position. Desperate situations call for desperate measures and President Obama’s political position IS desperate. Are we winning the war because we continue to play good defense? Or are we losing because the war is coming closer to home? Now that combat is low in Iraq and Afghanistan is winding down, we are not inflicting anywhere near the losses on our enemy’s ‘army’ as we have in the past. (I use the term ‘army’ loosely because I am referring to Islamic nationalists. This is the one unifying ideology that binds all of the Islamic terrorist groups.) Fighting a regular army is very expensive in human capital, but it also expends tremendous resources such as supply and finances. We are not draining our enemy capabilities today like we were just a few years ago.

Our frisky enemies are beginning to re-deploy. I am certain that Iraq and Afghanistan will continue a certain level of enemy activity, but we can expect more activity throughout the rest of the world. Even if not pulled off, this plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. is an act of war. They must be feeling pretty confident if they are willing to attempt something this bold. Iran is beginning to flex its muscles a little. I doubt our response will be anywhere near firm enough to begin to make Iran hesitant in whatever it is doing.

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