Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jay Carney

Wednesday, October 12th I watched Jay Carney speaking about the plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador. He called it an act of terrorism. He also said that he is calling it what it was. I believe that he was referring to NOT calling it an act of war. So he as spokesman for President Obama is not going to call this plot that can be traced back to Iran, an act of war.

So an assassination of an ambassador is NOT an act of war? I must say that I define acts of war a little differently than our president. The embassies around the world are supposed to be the property and land of the owning country. So are the ambassadors. So what does it take to commit an act of war? Killing some of our soldiers? Attacking a general? Would the assassination of the head of SAC meet the qualifications? Maybe it would take a nuclear attack upon one of our cities, but that could also be an act of terrorism. And it would not be an act of war? I am making a jump here, but I do not believe it to be all that much of a leap, given the extreme views and ideology of the President of MY country. What the hell will we ever FIGHT wars for under this President’s leadership? We are sending a few hundred soldiers to Uganda to help with the situation there. What the hell is going on? Just days after an enemy has committed an act of war against us and we are reacting by sending soldiers to a different country on a different continent. Maybe President Obama sees a connection here, but I do not.

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