Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Debt deal

From what I am hearing about this deal, this is a much better deal for conservatives than I had believed to be possible. Not that I believe that this will alter the long term trend that the United States has in spending more than it takes in. I believe that this can only be a temporary setback. The American public has demonstrated a remarkable ability to change its mind. We will go back to business as usual in a few years. In the meantime, we have still lost more than we have won.

The passage of Health Care in 2010 and the impact it will have is still in the future. Even with the recent debt deal, the complications and expenses of nationalized Health Care far exceeds anything that has been won in this new deal. The only thing that would completely neutralize the effect of Health Care would be for a repeal, which is NOT going to happen. In other words, Health Care is permanent and is here to stay. This is one of the reasons as to why it was passed the way that it was. Even though the Democrat majority knew that it would take big hits for passing Health Care, they understood that undoing it would prove to be virtually impossible. They are correct in this assessment. Yet even without the new Health Care system, this new deal is only temporary.

As a compromise, very few people are going to be satisfied with this debt deal. I am one of these. The basic underlying financial problem is being addressed, but only in a temporary way. And it does not go anywhere near far enough. (This was expected, as I do not believe that permanent correction is possible without the loss of the republic) The general trend of big government and big spending has been going on for more than 3 generations. (Actually, much longer than that but I consider the 1960’s to be the beginning of the real acceleration in BIG government entitlement) In other words, it will take many elections and many years to permanently reverse this trend. This is possible, but it does go against human nature. In this way, the Democrats have created a pattern that does go with human nature and in this way, they get what they ultimately want. Power and Control over the economy of the United States. Actually, they already have accomplished this. All that needs to be done now is complete the process. Health Care goes a long way toward this objective.

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