Saturday, August 20, 2011

Capitalism vrs Socialism: Part II

In politics, a week is a long time. You hear about how politicians are shortsighted. All they do is look for the next election. (An eternity in politics) A Month is forever in politics. Corporations are seen to be no better. But is that really true?

Corporations are seen by many as looking only to the next monthly profit statement. (Actually, many are released quarterly) Even this cycle is much longer than a week in politics. A little longer example is development of a new fighter aircraft. It takes years of research and development. Major capital investments are made even before the project reaches the prototype stage. And it is no certain thing that ANY will ever be built. This type of activity is common in the business world. A different type of long term project is the life cycle of buildings. The Sears tower being built in the early 1970’s put a large dent in Sears profits for years. Yet the building still stands (40 years later) and is still productive. This certainly is NOT a short-term project, nor is it short term thinking. In contrast to political view and activity, capitalism IS a long term thinking ideology. And in the short term it responds to the needs of people far better.

A good friend of mine recently ate at what I consider to be an expensive restaurant. Both he and his wife were disappointed with the food and he wrote in to express this. They received a coupon (No expiration date) of $30.00 each. (Not the full price of the dinner) This type of reaction is common in the business world. When was the last time you got that type of treatment from ANY government agency? Government does not exist to help people get what they want or need. This is precisely why government cannot run an economy anywhere nearly as effectively as a privately owned capitalist economy WILL run.

Government is does not nourish capitalism. Government feeds upon capitalism’s productivity. It takes money away from the economy through taxation and reallocates it to areas that have not earned it. This does not create any new products nor does it support innovation in thought. Government feeds off of Capitalism.

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  1. The last time I received service like that from a public office...yesterday at the library. A women listen to my story of why my books were late, removed the fine and then assisted me in finding the books I needed. When I could not get them, she ordered them from another library and showed me how I can do that online from my home.