Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are losing the war

The prison system in the United States is under attack. A new settlement in Virginia requires the system to provide Islamic materials, additional time and room so that Muslims can practice their ‘religion’. This is the worst place on earth to allow the study of a totalitarian governmental system that most prisoners can identify with already.

Hamas and Fatah are making deals. Lots of pressure on Israel to allow for a Palestinian state. We are seeing massive unrest and confusion throughout the Middle East. Is Democracy breaking out all over? Historical cultural patterns indicate no such thing. It is likely that any government of a new Palestinian state will be openly hostile to Israel and the United States. After the failure of Oslo, it can be seen that creation of a new Palestinian state could easily bring about a new Arab-Israeli war.

On top of this, I have never seen our country so divided. Our divisions today are worse than our division during the Vietnam War. Historically speaking, I believe this is the worst division since the U.S. Civil War. Our government overrides the American public in installing a socialist heath care system that basically takes a large percentage of the private economy and will nationalize it. My natural reaction is to order my representatives to MAKE NO DEALS! Lot’s of lines in the sand type stuff that will only result in deadlock. I would rather have deadlock than any more ‘CHANGE’ like we saw in February 2010. Wars are caused because of issues like this.

It is becoming much more difficult to make money in the U.S. today. This can only drive capital outside of our country’s border, as investment in other countries becomes more desirable than within the U.S. Spread the wealth around? Lets take all of the wealth of the United States and spread it around the world. Wars have been fought over more trivial issues than this. And who wants to deliberately damage the economy of the United States?

The United States is on the strategic defensive. Withdrawal and draw down of forces are the order of the day. Our enemies are much better at attacking shopping malls than our military. So if our enemies aren’t sustaining as much loss, where are the resources going? They will let us know when they are ready. This is NOT winning the war. On any front: Economic, ideological or militarily.

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