Thursday, May 26, 2011

Israel and 'occupation'

This is part of the Arab reaction to the Prime Minister of Israel’s speech. They rejected it and called it a declaration of war.

“We must work to adopt an Arab and Palestinian strategy based on the right of resistance."

They are speaking of violent resistance. This reaction IS a declaration of war. By whom? They are not a national government. This is Islamic nationalism at work. Declaration of war is the function of a nation-state, not a religion. This is why Israel 'occupies' land that no other sovereign government claims. Islam is also fielding an army to resist its enemies. Imams frequently field their own militias. This is a central point as to the cause of the violence and warfare in the first place. Religions can't be acting like national governments anymore.

This war is BIG. All that needs to happen now is for WMD to make an appearance. And this is only a matter of time.

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