Saturday, May 14, 2011

Michigans emergency law

Now the governor of Michigan can fire (And replace without elections) elected officials of local governments whose fiscal problems allow for ‘emergency’ intervention. This is a centralization of power that is a natural reaction to the fiscal policies that are destroying our country.

Democrats see (Accurately) that this is why Republicans are dangerous. This reaction IS a step in the direction of totalitarianism. What they fail to see is how their fiscal policies are the cause. This begins with the idea that government can allocate the resources of the nation better than the individual. The way that you do this is to tax private resources until very little is left. Outright nationalizing of industry is the final step. The political advantages of doing so are very real.

The problem is that centralization of economic activity takes away the major incentive of American ingenuity. A major reason why the United States has such a large share of world inventions is because we can directly benefit from them. This is why socialist countries lag in inventiveness. My son told me that the definition of communism is that everyone is treated the same. It sounds like a good idea. OK, let’s pay everyone the same. A doctor who is operating on you is paid the same as a factory worker? Think the quality will be higher? Think again. The problem is that our shift toward a centralized economy has moved so rapidly in the past 2 years that fiscal crises are beginning to crop up. In order to get these under control; power needs to be centralized. It is a cycle that I do not believe can be broken. The best way would be to exercise fiscal responsibility, which the American public has not wanted in generations. Extreme situations call for extreme measures. We have created our own extreme financial situation. And now we will see the extreme measures and responses

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