Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mosque near ground zero

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's lofty defense of the so-called Ground Zero mosque, which won de facto approval yesterday, missed a larger point, Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel writes in The Daily Beast: It's just a good strategy. Wurtzel says there will always be Muslim extremists, even inside America, but that it's unlikely that there are radicals behind the Cordoba House. And if there are? "Well, keep your friends close and your enemies closer," Wurtzel writes. It's good strategy, a potential bargaining chip if something bad happens down the road. And allowing the mosque to be built demonstrates American goodwill and our tradition of religious tolerance. Moderate Muslims want "to be part of this miserable legacy, because, as they want us to know, they are loyal Americans, too."

Bargaining chip? What can Islam offer us in return? A truce or cease-fire?

The last sentence is wrong. Moderate Muslims are (In general) more loyal to Islam. Islam does not really have 3 sides, as we understand politics. We have those on the left, the moderates who are in the middle and those who are on the right. (Generally) Islam has those who are loyal to Islamic governance, and the rest who are seen as apostates by those who are loyal to Islamic law. These are the ‘Moderates’ as we would understand them, but a major problem with this is what I refer to as the ‘Good southerners’. Those who are good people and moderate in their thinking but are loyal to the way of life that had been built around slavery. These ‘good southerners’ were NOT approachable about getting rid of that ‘peculiar institution’. Just look at Robert E. Lee. Some moderate.

This proposed Mosque that is to be built near ground zero is not really going to be a mosque. It will be an embassy. It will be considered to be ‘Muslim land’. And it can be defended violently against ANY and ALL invaders. Just look at how mosques are defended throughout the world. This embassy will spread Islamic ideology, culture and its own ‘peculiar’ legal system. All of which are openly hostile to our ideology, our legal system and our culture. We will really begin to lose the war.

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