Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comments on reply

I received this e-mail as a reply from friends’ e-mail that had bashed President Obama as having done nothing.


I can tell you from being an engineer in the private sector that volumes (orders) are up, production efficiency is up, hiring is up & 401K has been restored…..back to business prior to the Bush recession. My job as an engineer is to find "root causes" to challenges (not problems, challenges). I am buying a home, paying off my college debt and kicking ass in the economy. So keep complaining because as you do – I just pass you up. Republicans, as usual, continue to utilize the "taking control of private sector" but I talked to someone in pharmaceutical sales and they like the new government standards. No more kick-backs and/or gifts so everyone is on a fair playing field.
My girlfriend’s mother is doctor who HATES Obama. Seriously HATES him. But her daughter cant get health insurance (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). Can you believe that – her own daughter cant get health insurance. So now – she (Dr. Wolf) thinks that Obama has done 1 thing right. Y’know what – I agree with her. Its called progression – bringing the quality of life up for everybody.
The poor choices of Bush have resulted in a sky-rocketing deficit because of wars charged to supplements (basically putting the cost on a credit card for 8 years and rolling it over each year into Obama’s budget) and tax cuts to the rich (trickle-down economics) that did NOT benefit the people underneath. That is not to say that trickle-down doesn’t work but it didn’t work in this instance. It is not a catch-all for the American economy. His failed housing policy ran by Congress (republican at the time 2000 - 2006) caused an inflated market to suddenly burst which put further strain on the economy. After all; most people value their lives and net worth on the equity in their home & 410K. Speaking of – all the money I lost in my 401 K has been restored with a bit extra (thanks Barack, my homey).
The point of the above is not to assign "blame" but to point out the "root cause" of the state of the Union is Bush’s choices. Its not blame – irrefutable evidence of his choices point to the root cause of the problem. That’s it – nothing more to say except that it makes sense for a black man to be cleaning up after Bush – he’s used to it.
The 2 wars are, quite possibly, the greatest mistake in US history (besides electing bush, of course).
Got any questions on who should be running the country. Watch the link below when Obama goes to the GOP after the state of the union and takes question. One word: Teflon. Untouchable by republicans with their rhetoric because…………its untrue.
Watch it an then reply back with your accusations. Teflon B*tches."

End e-mail:

I am sorry about the length of this e-mail. This is a typical e-mail reply that I have seen.

So he is doing well? COOL! I just wish that more were. (Myself included) He takes on a lot of subjects, but doesn’t go into much depth. Plenty of name calling. What disturbs me is the pleasure that he is taking from the misfortune of others. I suppose this is because it proves his point. Not a very admirable quality. In addition, according to him, HATE must be the ‘dark side’ of Republicans. I suppose that no hate exists on his side. HIS side is clean. Yea, sure.
These issues are trouble enough, but the reason that I am posting this quote is because of his misunderstanding of the causes of the wars.

It is true that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us a great deal. I am certain that Adam agrees with Obama in that U.S. foreign policy was the cause of the wars in the first place and with our getting out, we will end the entire business. And you get political benefit as well, (Particularly if you can do it before the U.S. election in 2012) however, this can only be regarded as secondary to the primary function of ending the war.

I think I understand President Obama’s position. I just don’t know if the hyperinflation will hit us first, or the Islamic terrorists. I am not referring to another Fort Hood. I am speaking of a major assault. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but our leadership is NOT moderate. The results we obtain from his efforts will likely not be moderate either.

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