Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hate has caused wars. I can see why. I don’t quite understand hate as well as I should, maybe because I really don’t want to. A big problem is that it is likely that you really don’t think that you hate any particular group.

I posted a reply from an anti President Obama e-mail earlier this week. This quote really bothered me.

"My girlfriend’s mother is doctor who HATES Obama. Seriously HATES him. But her daughter cant get health insurance (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). Can you believe that – her own daughter cant get health insurance."

This is a person who is taking pleasure from some else’s misfortune. And he even knows her! Accusations can reveal much about an accuser. Something must really bother him to feel that way. This IS hatred. He doesn’t seem to hate his girlfriend. He doesn’t seem to think much of her mother. What the hell does he hate so much? Of course, we will never be able to convince him that this is what he is doing. Who me? I don’t hate anybody or anything. I am a model of tolerance. This is an easy trap to fall into. We are all vulnerable. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. We are all human with all of the failings of our species.

Hate can be used. Just look at how hate has been used by people throughout history to further their own interests. Islam is using hate as well. Anger and hate tend to go together. Anger is one of the few human emotions allowed within Islam. Combine this with all of the frustrations inherent with the restrictions that Islam places upon it’s followers, it makes sense that hate is a more common emotion found within the Islamic world as compared with other cultures that have more outlets for human emotions. Maybe people like the one quoted above are so convinced that they are right, that they fail to see how they are controlled by their hatred. It then is easy to be controlled by others. I doubt any cure exists. Hate is somewhat natural to humans, as is conflict. Naturally, armed conflict can easily contain more hate than anything else. (Even in the relative ‘clean’ wars like Germany against the U.S. and England 1939-1945)
Recognizing hate is difficult, particularly for those who are constantly leveling accusations at others hatred. I am constantly being accused of hatred. Not directly, but as a group. Well, hatred CAN go both ways.

I am not against the personal religious part of Islam that requires Muslims to eat certain food, or pray in certain ways, or fast. However, I am at WAR against political Islam, Islamic law and Islamic nationalism. NO 'religion' can field an army, nor can ANY 'religion' enforce its laws. If that is hate, then we understand each other.

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