Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Suicide attack

This quote is from a book about the Japanese kamikaze.

"Educated Japanese males of Onishi’s* generation who had spent time living and studying in the west – especially America – tended to harbor extreme feelings at both ends of a love-hate continuum toward their former hosts and teachers, ranging from unabashed schoolboy hero worship to utter repulsion fueled by a desperate need to believe in their own racial and cultural superiority. The emotional packages of most comprised a tortuous Freudian melange of admiration and inferiority complex: A healthy respect for the westerners’ technological prowess, material abundance, and sheer physical size, disdain for their shameless materialism, their smug, easy pride, their maddeningly nonchalant tolerance of disorder, their racist immigration legislation and the woeful history of the American Negro."

(M.G. Sheftall, "Blossoms in the wind" First printing, July 2005, Page 30)

*Onishi helped form the first kamikaze units.

This sounds so familiar. This helps describe many of those Muslims who helped form the Muslim Brotherhood back in the mid-20th century. In fact, this describes (In general) many in the Muslim world today and how they feel and look at the West. The major point I am getting at here is that repeated suicide attack is NOT going away. It took nuclear weapons to end it the last time. I doubt that this ideology can be changed without far more violence. People just do not change their minds about this type of thing quickly, nor do they change their minds easily.

Without dramatic change (Which history has demonstrated will require organized warfare), the deployment of WMD is only a matter of time. Then the war takes on an entirely new dimension.

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