Thursday, July 15, 2010

NASA's outreach to the Muslim world

This idea is a real piece of work. NASA is NOT a foreign policy agency. It is a space exploration agency. The very idea of an outreach program being sponsored by NASA is completely out of their area of expertise. This demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of governmental agencies and their abilities.

Even the idea of bringing in students from the Muslim world to educate them is a poor one. The Muslim world has demonstrated a remarkable resistance to assimilation with the rest of the world. This will be a one-way street. (As with so many Muslim issues) The Muslim world will learn more about the technology and solutions on how to launch missiles into space. And what will we obtain in return? We will learn an ideology that produces suicide bombers along with repression of minorities and women. This is an oversimplification, but in any case, this will not be a very good return on our investment.

This idea is at best, misdirected. At the worst, this is an attempt to assist our enemies. The Muslim world is basically at war against us. So many Islamic laws are in direct conflict with our own that it stuns me to see that so many U.S. citizens don’t understand why we are hated so much. The constant warfare that is always present between Israel and the Islamic world is a good example.

The U.S. and Israel have far more in common than the U.S. and the Islamic world. We are much more like Israel than any government in the Muslim world. This is far more pronounced a difference when comparing cultures. In fact, Israeli culture is repulsive to the Muslim world in many ways, as is our own. (Along with the Western world) As has been demonstrated time and again, Islamic culture is NOT compatible with most of the cultures of the world and is particularly incompatible with American culture. NASA cannot even begin to change this. Mismanagement of this type is a good indicator of other problems.

Our military is NOT a police force. The rules of engagement established by the Obama administration in Afghanistan demonstrates to me that our leadership believes that our army should act like a civilian police force. Not only is this incompatible with the design and training of a military force, it is improper use of that very same force. It is like attempting to make your best shock units into jailers. Rather than ruin the best military force in the world, it would be much better to send in the FBI to train our ally.

The very idea of using NASA to help reach out to the Muslim world is a good example of President Obama’s misunderstanding of specific governmental angency capabilities. Mismanagement of agencies on the highest levels. Worse, it can go a long way toward causing our country to lose far more of our men and women in uniform than is necessary. It very well may cause the war to be much larger and more dangerous that it would be if managed properly.

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