Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missing Afghans

At first, I had thought that most of these missing Afghans were going to be a direct problem in that they would begin to build anti-US terrorist cells. And we had trained them in many ways. After further review, this may be the case for some of them, but it is apparent that many (How many?) just want a better life. At least it appears that some skipped because they did not want to go back, not for any motive to attack us. This could change, of course. One of my brothers suggested that this is not much of a problem anyway simply because we would have imbedded transmitters in their bodies and can track them. Maybe this is the case, but we will probably never find out in our lifetimes. What is of greater concern is the simple ease of living within the United States illegally. With all of the emphasis upon illegal immigration, this is one of our main lines of defense.

Seeing as our new worldwide strategy against Islamic terrorism is one of playing defense, this is not a good sign. After 9/11, our security measures were improved. The U.S was not directly hit for more than 7 years. This was mainly because of our assault upon Afghanistan and Iraq and our enemy’s engagement of our army in those countries. (Kill the ‘occupiers of Muslim lands’) Now it is apparent that our enemies will not find it as difficult to penetrate our cities and society, as they have before. We can expect increasing ‘homegrown’ attacks motivated by Islamic ideology within the near future. We have already begun to see this over the past year. This trend has been expected as attrition is falling as decreasing intensity of combat with our armed forces is taxing our enemy’s resources less and less. This war has not yet really begun.

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