Sunday, February 14, 2010

Star wars of today

U.S. 'Star Wars' laser plane successfully shoots down ballistic missile for first time. President Ronald Reagan controversially proposed 30 years ago having lasers in space to bring down missiles.

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The nice thing about lasers is that you do not have to shoot ahead of the target. You just aim right at it. This system needs to be developed and if this test did not convince you, then nothing will.

I pulled this from I think that this sums up the overall situation well:

"The Obama administration had already cancelled DoD plans for a second such 747-based airborne intercept platform. Which might explain why Secretary of Defencse Gates was not the one announcing this week’s successful intercepts. But similar past policy decisions have been later overturned, such as airborne signals intercept platforms and AWACS, to name just two, once the viablility of the program had been established."

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  1. Research & Development, That's the Ticket!

    Question: Why would an American President,
    one who has taken a Solemn Oath to Protect &
    Defend The USA, cancel production of these
    High-Tech Weapons Systems?

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