Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Islam is violently resistant to change

Seeing only what you want to see is a powerful human weakness. This can overcome intellectually honest thinking at least in part because honesty requires more work. When combined with the frustration that is a part of living with so few personal options that are presented to everyone who is Muslim it helps make it easier to move from anger to violence. To change this would require a fundamental change in Islamic beliefs and governance. Education would help, but human nature will demand resistance that will take the form of organized violence. (As we are seeing all over the Islamic world today) You are going to send my kid to an Islamic school, teaching them their ideas? This is what we are asking them to do. I would take up arms against this myself. Historically, this issue has triggered many wars. This is in part why good Germans and good Japanese fought. They fought for their way of life. This goes along with Nationalism, which evolved a long time after 610 AD when this ‘Religion’ was founded. Changing this would have to go very slow. To do otherwise is to invite open warfare. Yet change of this magnitude will take a minimum of 3 generations. The main problem here is we do not have that much time.

Repeated suicide attack had never been seen before Japan in the mid-20th century. The ideology that allowed for it to develop in such a large population had to be based upon cultural norms. To overcome the most powerful instinct in all living things on a mass basis requires strict indoctrination on a mass basis. It makes sense that the 2nd time it occurs in human history that it would be culturally based. This makes the war so large that it scares the hell out of me. As it should everyone.

Better healthcare for the individual would not have impacted Japan's suicide mentality in any significant way. More opportunities for the individual could possibly help defeat the suicide ideology today, except that human nature would overrule this in the vast majority of cases and demand resistance. Modern Islamic systems of governance can be seen to be not very efficient regarding the economic opportunities that it presents its population. The full-scale waste of the plentiful resources enjoyed by that part of the world for the past 2 or 3 generations is the proof. On top of this, the Islamic system of governance is one of the most (If not THE most) repressive in the world. It is no wonder that frustration explodes into anger followed by violence so frequently.

Islam as a political force worldwide has been in a slow state of retreat and withdrawal since the late 17th century. The end of the Ottoman Empire in 1919 was traumatic in the sense that the strongest Islamic system of governance that was in power in the world was broken up. The internal war against the modern national government is an inevitable response. A major problem is that cultural change is so slow. A compounding problem is that Islam is not a moderate system of governance.

It is only a matter of time before nuclear weapons or some other form of WMD is used. Then the war will become what used to be called a punitive war. Weapons of mass destruction are perfect for this type of war because it kills EVERYTHING indiscriminately. Today we call it genocide, although this type of warfare has been around since long before the Romans. As much as we don’t want to see it, this is as natural to humans as fighting wars in the first place. And big wars come up every so often. We can only expect the Islamic culture to react as would our own. Too many issues that cause wars are involved not to fight openly. This war has yet to really begin. If we are lucky, we can keep it small, like Iraq and Afghanistan. I doubt it. It is already a worldwide war. The fact that the enemy ‘army’ is deployed as an irregular force does not change the global nature of the conflict.

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