Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

A worldwide obligation exists for all Muslims to "Kill the occupiers" of ‘Muslim lands’. The nation-state of Islam is alive and well in Iraq and Afghanistan (And a bunch of other Islamic countries) as is being seen today. If memory serves, then senator Obama was NEVER in favor of invading Iraq and has been in favor of a withdrawal from Iraq ever since. Three years ago he described the war in Iraq as being the ‘wrong war’ and later that the ‘surge’ was a failure. Now that we are faced with a similar situation, will President Obama favor a withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is NOT the same as Iraq. All wars are different. One indicator is that the level of violence is rising in Afghanistan and many people interpret this as losing the war. This is a very mistaken interpretation. Even when winning, it is possible to be on the defensive, even for extended periods of time. Rising levels of violence in warfare is common as war progress. Wars are won by raising the level of violence to a point where your enemy either cannot or will not match or exceed. The point is, rising levels of violence is NOT an accurate indicator of one side winning or losing. If this is the case, what will we do now?

Many Americans favor withdrawal from Afghanistan. The belief is that the war will then wind down, we will then be out of the war directly. I am guessing that we Americans believe that we will then be left alone, like the Vietnamese left us alone after our withdrawal from Vietnam. (And after the fall of South Vietnam) I am very interested in seeing how President Obama reacts to all of this. After all, the war in Afghanistan was the ‘right’ war. I imagine that he will persist for at least the next year or two. If he remains true to his convictions (that this war will NOT be won by the military, but instead won by police and the rule of law) then we can probably expect a wind down of military operations in Afghanistan followed by a withdrawal of military personnel.

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