Friday, August 28, 2009

Need to know

I am going to discuss this with some close friends and thought it was important enough to post.

The war has yet to begin. The issues at the root cause of the terrorist (irregular) warfare of today are so large and commonly backed by such large populations that a large-scale war is inevitable. Issues that are as critical and important as slavery and loyalty to state over Federal government (Islam AS a government) are so numerous that it can only be a matter of time. What is missing on our side is the all-important fact of knowing who our enemy is.

One problem we face is our news source. The news media has strengths and weakness like any other human endeavor.

Media strengths:

I) political issues, news and analysis (World-class)
II) Warfare facts(Our side more accurate than information on enemy)

Media weakness: warfare analysis (4th grade level understanding of basic concepts)

Five helicopters shot down yesterday. (Yes) This is seen as a setback or defeat. (No)

A single battle or campaign usually is not enough to decide a war. Even though the war in Iraq is not over, why did surge work?

Best surface on planet Earth for mechanized forces are: (In order)
1) Water
2) Desert
3) Open land, Great plains of North America – Steppes of Russia and Ukraine. Only natural obstacles are rivers.

Worst (In order)
1) Mountains
2) Swamps
3) Cities and forests

The war in Iraq moved into the cities because our enemy was wiped out in the open desert. We could then isolate each battlefield. We isolated each town and/or city neighborhood. Munitions and supplies are heavy. Our enemy could not supply and reinforce. Once we took it, we had enough force to occupy properly.

The United States is now on the strategic defensive. Our front-line troops are now the police. Our soldiers will now be expected to act the part. (Except Afghanistan until we can withdraw and even then restraint will be exercised far more than in a more strategic offensive posture) We will prosecute enemy ‘detainees’ with legal process similar if not exactly like within civilian courts. The result cannot be anything else but the war coming to us.

Think I am kidding? A few years ago, I told some close friends that we were winning the war and they laughed. I might be wrong about many things, but this is my area of expertise. In 1970 or 1971 I read in the Chicago Tribune that the U.S. could not win in Vietnam because the VC and NVA controlled the countryside. Was not Iraq the opposite in this case? Yet we could still not win? (Actually, the original plan and execution in Vietnam WAS working until it was changed in 1961) I was 12 or 13 years old at the time I read that article. I have been studying this subject a long time.


Be prepared. Have an emergency kit. Canned food, water, first aid and medical supplies. A plan if the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) disables all transportation and electrial systems. Which way is the wind literally blowing? First decision: Stay and hunker down or flee? Where to go if your car is out of action? If car is OK, what route to take to what destination?

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