Thursday, September 17, 2009

No strategy

I heard a clip yesterday of President Obama answering a question about sending more troops to Afghanistan. He said that troop levels would be looked into, but that before a decision can be made, a strategy must be designed. Makes sense, first devise a strategy prior to deciding upon the level of war that you wish to wage. The only problem that I see here is that President Obama has been our Commander-in-Chief for almost 8 months and he still does NOT have a strategy yet. This is not a good beginning.

After his speech last week, it occurred to me that President Obama is devoting far more energy and time into designing a new health care system that will replace the most productive health care system in the world. This is a very large and demanding task, so it makes sense that the development of a new war winning strategy must wait. In the meantime, the war goes on with us killing people and our enemies keep on killing us. I guess our President ranks the priority of waging war well below that of our many domestic challenges. Well, he will get around to it.

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  1. And if the war plan is anything like the health plan .....