Thursday, March 19, 2009

Semi-automatic shotgun

A new weapon being tested by the military is a semi-automatic shotgun. This weapon can be fired single shot, or semi-automatic. The magazine holds 32 rounds and the shells can be armor piercing, multiple shot, or high explosive. The range is accurate to well over 100 yards, which is a quantum leap forward in accuracy. Close quarters firepower must be tremendous. I can see this as being a good weapon for today’s war.

During WWII, many U.S. soldiers in the pacific carried 12 gage shotguns for close quarter work. Most defensive combat was at night. Japanese soldiers would continue to press and fall forward even when badly hit. Many times our men would be killed or wounded after a suicide attacker fell forward and was then close enough to injure or kill our men. The 12 gage shotgun was well known to throw the attacker backward and typically disabled him enough that he was unable to do more than lay there and die.

I have stated in the past that once a suicide attack has been launched, the only way to stop it is to literally blow the attacker apart. This weapon will do just that. All we would need then would be to force our enemy to attack our army.

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