Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For the past week, Chinese naval units have harassed several U.S. Navy ships. The Chinese ships have sailed dangerously close to our units, have crossed the bow abnormally close. They have forced emergency stops in order to avoid ramming the Chinese ships. Aircraft have also passed unusually close and in numerous passes.

President Obama has issued a diplomatic protest. He is being tested. China has a number of internal anniversaries that can be of considerable concern to them. I am certain that they are attempting to deflect attention away from these and onto external situations. If we play along, we will probably be assisting them in their efforts. To do otherwise would be to risk open war, something I am certain the Obama Administration will take great pains to avoid.

I doubt anything will come from this, except to reveal how President Obama handles these types of situations. North Korea is also making threats of war and threatening to attack civilian aircraft. These events will help tell the world a good deal about our new President. The test that was predicted by Joe Biden is coming true. Hopefully, nobody will use his mild reaction as an indication that he will not react more forcefully to more aggressive moves.

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