Sunday, March 1, 2009

Islam and minorities

One of the best ways to determine a person’s character is not to see how they treat equals, but how they treat inferiors. This can apply to cultures as well. This is being seen throughout the world with how Islam deals with minorities. In other words, Islam does not tolerate minorities very well. (Unless of course, Tribute is paid properly. Even then, minorities tend to be second class citizens.)

This reference applies to far more than religious beliefs. Islam does not tolerate other types of minorities at all. The gay community is a good example. In Iran they do not have any gays. This is because they hang the ones that they find.

You can live in many parts of the world as a minority and be fine. A certain amount of risk is inherent just by being in the minority position in any part of the world. However, to be in the minority in an Islamic controlled area is a much more risky proposition. I am guessing that it is important to keep a VERY low profile. In addition to the problem of being different, it is important to not insult Islam. And certainly don’t dishonor anyone.

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