Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israeli attacks

I am seeing a number of reports that anger in the Muslim world is at dangerous proportions because of the recent Israeli attacks. This is not much of a surprise given the amount of attacks. Officially, many Arab governments are not giving HAMAS the support that the Palestinians are accustomed to. However, the common view is that Israel is the aggressor and should be forced to halt.

The Palestinians elected HAMAS – Fair and square. (By a very large majority as well) The ‘cease fire’ was officially lifted on December 19th, 2008 and attacks upon Israel have shot upward. This means that HAMAS has resumed open war against Israel. Israel should not be allowed to respond to an open attack from another government? I am guessing here that the response has been considered to be too much. It should be more restrained. This violates one of the basic principals of warfare: In order to win, you must raise the level of conflict to a point that your enemy either cannot or will not match. "Irregular" warfare depends upon maintaining an ‘army’ that survives long enough to outlast the enemy’s will to win. Israel is a conventional military. Now the world expects them to behave like their enemy? NO. It is obvious that no matter what action Israel undertakes (Outside of surrender) will be acceptable. I do not envy them, particularly with a new U.S. President about to take office who is no friend of theirs.


  1. What do you have to say about Kucinich in US saying Israeli attack is violation of section #33 of the Geneva Convention.
    Do you drink Harper-lite?

  2. The vast majority of people in the world don't like war either. For good reasons. The basic idea behind my blog is to cover conflict that pertains to warfare.

    Conflict is a part of all of us. We have conflict with other drivers on the road. Our spouse wants to do something else tonight. You name it. Most conflict does not become violent. Warfare is conflict at it's most violent, decisive level.

    Warfare is important. Waging war is necessary at times. The U.S. Civil War is an excellent example of a war that needed to be fought.
    Every life lost was precious. However, every one lost was worth it. We rid ourselves of slavery and decided the important issue of loyalty to the Federal government over the state government. This latter issue is an important contributor to the violence seen throughout the Islamic world, as loyalty to Islam is greater than the loyalty to the governments under which many live. And this is by far not the only issue that is at stake in the Islamic world today.